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Can You Make Money Without Money?

Can You Make Money Without MoneyWhen I ask why you don’t start your own business, I always hear, “I don’t have money to start a business.”

This is a common excuse people give for not starting their own business.

There is truth in the statement. You actually need money to make money or to start a business. But the question is “Do you need a lot of money or little to start a business?” and “Whose money do you use?”

Yes, I admit that it does take money to make money but it doesn’t need to be your money!

Recently, one of my friends closed his restaurant business due to staff problems. But he quickly jumped to another business opportunity.

The business idea is so good that I want to share with you.

He is now running a training company. He focuses on corporate training. Basically, what he needs to do is to bring in famous trainers to his workshops. Market and promote the workshops and get people sign up for the workshops.

How much

Leadership Attributes For Business Success

Leadership Attributes For Business SuccessBusiness success is essentially the result of successful leadership. Contrary to the popular myth, leaders are not just born. Leadership skills can be learned and developed. A business is a distinct reflection of the leader, who may be the owner or manager. A business is never successful despite the leader, it is always successful or otherwise because of the leader.


There are 7 key attributes that a leader must develop if the business is going to succeed. A leader must have vision, must be an entrepreneur, must inspire others, must set standards, must orchestrate methods, must understand people and must measure results.

1. Vision
Vision is the attribute that drives the leader, the reason for existence and motivation behind being in the business. The vision the leader has allows him or her to clearly visualize what the business will be like when it is fully developed. If the leader is passionate about the vision and allows that passion to create an intensity or internal drive, then that drive will become an unstoppable force that drives the future of the business.

Media Relations in Business

Media Relations in BusinessDeveloping a media relations program is crucial strong media relations program isn’t just for medium size or large corporations anymore. Small start-up businesses need media relations to compete in our global economy. Although competition has increased by means of globalization, a strong media relations allows small businesses to remain competitive at a practical cost. It has become increasingly important for a company to distinguish itself from its competitors and boost its level of visibility to the general public. Yet, many small businesses shy away from media relations due to fear of added expenses.

Media relations are an investment in your small business. Media consultants understand the time, commitment, dedication and financial strains that go into a small business. Equally important, we know the risks involved when a small business forgets to invest in their media relations. Business profits are all but non-existent if the public doesn’t know about your company and the products or services it offers.

A young company can especially benefit from press relations and outreach in its introduction to the public — as many audiences and publications want to know and write

Stockbroking – A Comprehensive Guide

What is Stockbroking?

If you want to invest and potentially buy stock and shares, then you need to choose a suitable stockbroker. Make sure you take into consideration that the more involvement the stockbroker actually has, the more the fees will increase. However, even those with a great amount of expertise in the stock and share market would be wise to invest in the services of a stockbroker, as they can navigate the most complex markets.

Is Share Dealing An Option?

Before you even embark upon the road of share dealing there are some pertinent questions you should by asking yourself, to ensure you fully understand the process and comprehend what it means.

– Apart from being tied into a mortgage, do you have any other outstanding debts?

– If you have children, do you have a life insurance policy?

– Are you part of the pension scheme ran through you employer or do you have your own arrangements?

– If you became seriously ill and couldn’t work for an extended period of time do you have the luxury of a work income protection policy?

– Are you a saver and do you have six months of savings behind you, in the unlikely event of you losing your

How Entrepreneurs Succeed

What is it that sets a successful businessperson apart from an average businessperson? Is it down to pure and simple luck, or is it all about having an amazing idea and a successful and strategic business plan in place?

Well, these factors do indeed go a long way to turning a good business idea into a successful business operation, but they have nothing to do with what makes the ‘person’ succeed at business.

Every great entrepreneur naturally has 5 key attributes that sets them aside from their competition and that ensure they will succeed where others may fail. These 5 personal qualities will all reflect upon the entrepreneur’s business and they will mean the entrepreneur grows and develops every area of their own personal expertise to become not only the strategic thinker behind the business, but the strategic manager poised to lead the company forward to achieve even greater success.

The 5 qualities that every entrepreneur shares and that are the keys to their business success are: –

1) Desire – To succeed you have to have a massive desire to break out of the average 9 – 5 grind, to step off the

Traits and Skills of Successful Internet Entrepreneurs

There are certain traits and skills that many successful online entrepreneurs have in common. Some mentioned in this article may seem simple, but don’t overlook their importance.

You may not personally be strong in all areas, but you can get by as long as you can delegate tasks that call for them to someone on your team that is.

  • Good Communicator Whether you are communicating by email, your web site, ICQ, web-based forums, or whatever, you (or someone in your organization) need to demonstrate good communication skills – especially good writing skills. Unfortunately, many online communications are very weak in this area. I’m not saying this to be critical, but to point out an area for improvement that we can benefit from by giving attention to. Since we’re all human and prone to making mistakes, our communications may not be flawless, but the more clearly and accurately we get our message across – with fewer mistakes in spelling, punctuation, and grammar – the more likely our prospects will grasp our message and take the desired action, and the more professional image we will project. However, that does NOT mean that we need to try to impress

Questions For The Entrepreneur To Be

Entrepreneurial e-gnorance

Part 1: Questions for the entrepreneur to be

If you are an entrepreneur starting out, or have been around the block for some time but are yet to hit on the jackpot, you might be missing out some of the cornerstones of doing busingg through the new age media, the internet. Ask yourself the following questions and in seeking out answers to the, you may find the magic touch that could propel you to the success that drives you everyday.

What are you going to sell?

It is not true that anyone can sell anything. I for example could never operate a cookies business because i would end up munching them all up before they saw the light of day. On the other hand I have been selling my writing for years now and i will keep doing it for as long as there is paper and pen. The point I am trying to get across is that you need to know what you are best qualified to sell, and more importantly, to know why anyone would buy from you and not somewhere else. If you think you have the capability to

Franchises-Exit Strategy

At an International Franchising Symposium in London, Peter Holt made the bold statement to his audience of Franchisors that they needed to understand that their business would fail, and in fact all businesses are bound for failure. Needless to say, there were a few shocked faces in the crowd. He was making the point that it really is just a matter of the number of calendar flips before time strangles any business. It’s a hard point to argue when you think that the Neanderthal Fortune 100 included Barney’s Dinosaur Obedience School. Not a lot of money in that these days.

Evolutionary change would seem to indicate that we should all prepare for failure. Of course, if we do an extremely good job, perhaps our grandchildren’s grandchildren have the problem, and we can rest easy in the hammock for now. In a much more practical view of the calendars we get to flip ourselves, we should think about creating a successful Franchise business, maximizing the value, and realizing the optimum return with an appropriate exit strategy.

The folly often lies in not considering this part of the equation at the very time that you are considering entry

Are You Ready To Be Your Own Boss?

You have this burning desire you want to be on your own. The temptation is so great that you want to quit your job. Enough is enough. You’re sick of working for other people for a ridiculous pay.

To be your own boss means controlling your own destiny, having your own time and no bosses to report to. Basically, you can do whatever you want.

But before you really jump into a new territory of being on your own, you have to make sure that you’re ready and well equipped.

Below is the checklist that can help you to ensure that you’re ready to be on your own.

1. Have a crystal clear plan.

Do you have a clear idea as to what you want to do next? You must know exactly what your plan is. Is this going to be the same as what you are doing? Or, is it completely different from what you are used to do? Write down your ideas and evaluate the feasibility of your ideas. Ideally, pick an idea you like most and the most profitable.

2. Have a reserve of 6-12 months.

Before you

The Heroic Entrepreneur: Profiting from Your Brilliance

If you look up the definition of hero in Webster’s, you’ll find a definition something like, ‘A person noted for feats of courage or nobility of purpose, especially one who has risked or sacrificed his or her life: soldiers and nurses who were heroes in an unpopular war’. Some heroes in our lives have earned that badge of honor by doing something everyone feels is heroic as defined in the traditional sense, whether it’s running into a burning building to rescue a child, pulling an injured woman from a car accident, or fighting the enemy in the time of war.

I recently rented the movie, Seabiscuit, which started my thinking about this whole notion of heroism. What I found heroic in the movie was not that both Seabiscuit and his jockey. Red Pollard, came back from adversity to win the Santa Anita race. What was most heroic is that neither of them let adversity stop them in the pursuit of their passion. They knew they were born to do what they were doing, and despite physical setbacks, found the courage to pursue their passion anyway. In the pursuit of this passion, the paths that their lives took

Get Rich Doing What Others Don’t

“The quickest way to wealth

That I’ve found to be true;

Is to stick out your chest

Give your best

And do what others don’t like to do!” – Primm

It’s been said the difference between the “haves” and the “have-nots” – can be traced back to the people who did … and the people who did not!

When it comes to creating a moneymaking niche, consider using what I call the principle of yucky.

Using the principle of yucky is one of the quickest ways to make money you’ll ever find. Period. No hype here.

Master this principle and I can guarantee you’ll never be broke another day in your life.

In fact, if everyone would use this principle the unemployment numbers would melt like an ice cube in July. The Welfare rolls would shrink like a cheap suit, and poverty would drastically decrease.

So, what exactly is the principle of yucky? I’m glad you asked, it’s simply doing what other people find disgusting, irritating, or in a word yucky.

A billionaire once said, “The quickest way to success is to do what others don’t like

Abstract Business Marketing Strategy for the Entrepreneur

If you look at those Corporations in franchising today you see the great companies that use these systems to move markets and deliver products and services to America. Franchising is obviously a power play in the marketing strategy game book. General Motors uses the franchise system or special teams, dealerships, to move their products in each market. Now take your mind to the “Family and friends Program” in Telecom, that is still being done by all those selling mobile communications. Think of some of the ways hyper type marketing has been done in so many areas and market sectors with so many different niches or market segments. Think of the new term appropriately named as viral marketing through the use of ezines, forwarding emails and adhoc networks of friends and acquaintances within one’s email box. Look at the organic evolution of a real virus and how it gets what it needs within your body; virus vector modeling is fascinating as it is so close to grass roots political campaigns, referral marketing or Internet link exchanges.

If you look at the demographic software used to break down markets into pieces; that exact computer modeling is used by the

Success Secret – How To Find Million Dollar Opportunities

They’re really are powerful million dollar opportunites everywhere.

Ok, let me explain.

I jumped on a flight to Miami late yesterday for some business stuff and I do what I always do:

Grab as many new business magazines as I can possibly find for the trip.

I have to admit, a few hours to read in ‘peace and quiet’ is awesome.


We were about 15 minutes in the air and I started reading a really interesting story.

I was reading it thinking, there are great opportunities everywhere to improve ourselves and our finances, we just need to see them.

Let me explain.

I was reading about Mike Butler.

“Who’s he?” I said the same thing, never heard of him, but here’s what he’s doing and here’s what we can learn to improve ourselves.

Mike’s been in the PR business for a few years and over the last few years isolated a PROBLEM.

He saw how small businesses weren’t getting the attention big businesses were getting from PR firms.

He saw there was a PROBLEM in what they could afford, because so many of the

Tips for Would-be Entrepreneurs

Every evening as the sun sets beyond the mangroves that line the shore along the western bank of Lake Myakka, Florida, herds of wild deer and wild black pigs come down to the water’s edge to drink and slake their thirst.

I have seen them up close and it is a beautiful, peaceful and inspiring sight!

Every evening as the sun sets beyond the mangroves that line the shore a horde of hungry alligators wait just below the surface and watch for their prey.

I have seen them and nature in the raw is truly an awesome sight!

It doesn’t matter whether you are a gentle deer, a greedy pig or an armor-plated alligator–survival depends on your ability to move fast!

When you see what looks like an opportunity, you must grab it quick.

But even if you don’t grab it, the opportunity will not be wasted because someone who is hungrier that you surely will.

We all make mistakes. That’s how we learn.
Consider these 10 Tips for Would-be Entrepreneurs:

1. Be constantly on the lookout for moneymaking opportunities.

2. Trust your intuition. If it looks like a

How to Write a Business Proposal For an Internet Related Business

Internet business and electronic commerce are new concepts that have been put to use extensively and face a number of obstacles. A lot of people do not even know what the internet is or that it could be used for business. In a business plan this obstacle must be overcome. There are a few sections to an internet business plan.

The most important of these and the most essential is the “Executive Summary”. It must send across, briefly the basics of the entire business plan keeping in mind the fact that a lot of people who are not net savvy may need to read it.

The second section is the “Business Description” where the product or the services are discussed. As your business plan is centered on the internet, explain the plan first. Then explain why you chose the internet and how your product or services are complemented by the internet.

The next section is the “Marketing Plan”. Here, you discuss targets and goals, locate the competitors; explain product advertising and pricing along with delivery and payment methods.

You must also include the location of the products at the moment and also the cost

Business Development Tips For Public Relations Business: What You Need To Know

Importance of Public Relations Business:

A public relations business has become a requirement for the success of any kind of media firm, marketing and communication professionals, advertising decision makers, and brand managers. As no business can grow without the help of marketing and media so the public relations business has become very important today. As a public relations business owner, you not only deal with the media but you have to provide all types of information. Being a type of media activity, a public relations business requires the skill of interacting with public.

Every Business Requires a Different Public Relations Strategy:

A good public relation strategy can help a business in reaching out to prospective customers and clients. It can mean establishing better communication channels for the growth of the business. However, a business development tip for the public relation business is that they should adopt different approaches when they deal with different kinds of businesses. What may be the best public relation strategy for one business may not work as effectively for another type of business. You should be able to offer a variety of public relations services to suit the different type of

Public Relations – Business Elevation or Devastation?

So what is PR?

To me, the best definition comes from the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA):

“Public relations is a distinctive management function that helps establish and maintain mutual lines of communication, understanding, acceptance, and cooperation between an organization and its public; involves the management of problems or issues; helps management keep informed on and responsive to public opinion; defines and emphasizes the responsibility of management to serve public interest; helps management keep abreast of and effectively employs change, serving as an early warning system to help anticipate trends; and uses research and sound and ethical communication techniques as its principal tools.”

5 Basic PR Principles To Consider:

  1. Effective PR programs are based on facts and reality that put the public interests in the forefront.
  2. All communication between the organization and its public must be based on integrity, corporate social responsibility (CSR), honesty, and fairness.
  3. Considered by many as the original ombudsman, the PR professional that you hire for your organization must be effective at not only market research but also communicating information to all stakeholders and resolving public concerns efficiently.
  4. PR practitioners are obligated to explain organizational issues to the public before these concerns

Habits Of Successful Entrepreneurs

Habits get a bum rap. When you think about your habits, I bet you think of the “bad” ones – the ones that you aren’t particularly proud of, like eating too much sugar, or smoking, or dwelling on your negative thoughts. According to Webster’s dictionary a habit simply is: A pattern or action that is acquired and has become so automatic that it is difficult to break.

It’s easy to see how if you start a behavior, and continue to reinforce it, it quickly becomes a habit. The pint of Ben and Jerry’s after dinner, playing Free Cell when you should be making calls, or always leaping to a negative conclusion when something happens. Once habits are formed, they can be hard to break, correct?

Get ready for a new perspective – habits can be good! What if, instead of relating to your habit as a problem, you were able to use your habits creatively to help you be more successful? Since habits are a natural part of our human experience (for better or worse), learning to capitalize on your innate ability to form positive patterns can mean a very successful life and business.


Network Marketing Relationships – 3 Reasons You Must Work On Your Relational Skills

Are you tired of seeing good people fail? What is it that people are looking for? Have you ever wondered why it is that women seem to dominate this industry? If you know the answer to this, it will completely change your life, and the lives of your team.

The vast majority of network marketing information seems to excessively cover two topics. The first topic that you can easily find information about is the area of systems, ‘how to’, and other various methods of improving your efficiency. The other area most of the writing/training focuses on is the self improvement area of your life. It covers topics like ‘knowing your why’, building your belief, or staying motivated.

Unfortunately, what’s not covered at all is the relational side of this business. It seems to me women intuitively understand this, but men really struggle here. I supposed that’s why women dominate this industry. Yes men, they really do dominate this industry.

3 Reasons You MUST Work On Your Relational Skills

1) Network Marketing is a relational business. I’ve never met anyone who built a successful business who didn’t develop good relationships with at least a few

Work From Home With an Internet Related Home Business

More people are now choosing to set up their own work at home businesses these days. This trend will likely continue to increase along with even greater advances in internet speed and technology. There may be many reasons you may want to work from home. Perhaps you have family obligations that make it difficult to work at a traditional job. Maybe you live in a rural location where there are very few job opportunities. Whatever the reason, with the internet, there are now more opportunities than ever before when it comes to starting a home-based business.

To start with, you should consider your budget. How much money can you invest up front to start your business? Determine if it is possible to start with very small capital and then gradually develop the scale of the enterprise as your business grows. The amount of cash you have on hand to start your venture will determine how quickly you can get up to speed making a profit.

Many people are considering some sort of internet related business to get started with. With more companies choosing an online presence to reach the market, the opportunities are nearly endless. Gone

Preliminary Actions Before You Start a Business

Many have been questioning the strengths that proposing to start a business in Ireland offers. As the country is becoming one of the best choices when it comes to commerce and internet related businesses, Ireland has attracted many investors who have decided to launch their branch of business in this great nation. Internet technology is rapidly advancing, and along with it is the allocation of companies all throughout the world to engage in the market. According to marketing statistics, Ireland has proven to be on the list of the top priorities when it comes to starting in the field of technology, programming, and e-commerce.

Any entrepreneur would want to consider the process of building or expanding their business in Ireland. Although the process of application may be lengthy and requires different papers to be dealt with, after all have been filed and approved, you will have access to enough resources to keep your business going. You can start a business in Ireland with the preliminary step of negotiating with Enterprise Ireland and BASIS, two organizations that have an online website for easier access. Both new and experienced businessmen and entrepreneur can get all the information they need

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